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Intercommunal Violence, Lakes State, Rumbek Centre & Rumbek East Counties Amongpiny and Pacong Payams


Four intercommunal clashes between groups of Pakam and Rup communities were recorded between 11 and 13 May 2019 in areas of the above-mentioned locations.

On 11 May, Pakam and Rup groups clashed around Malek Village in Amongpiny Payam resulting in six fatalities. Violent interactions between the two groups ensued in the following days around Malek Village and further south in Pacong Payam, Rumbek East resulting in a combined 4 fatalities.

The recent series of violent incidents between the two groups is reportedly part of a cycle of retaliatory violence. Only two violent incidents were recorded between these groups between December 2018 and April of this year. The increased frequency in incidents reported here is a consequence of cattle raiding and retaliatory violence.

The 11-13 May incidents resemble a similar violent escalation that took place between groups of Pakam and Ciec in Yirol East County in late January this year. In that case, Yirol East Pakam youth from Rumbek North carried out cattle raids against the resident community which angered the local population and sparked a cycle of violence that became increasingly more violent over time. The current situation in Rumbek has the potential to result in more clashes between these two communities.


Saturday, May 11, 2019 - 01:15
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