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Inter-communal Violence in Lakes State, Yirol East, Amak and Nyang Areas


At the above-mentioned location and time, an armed group of cattle raiders from Yirol East raided cattle belonging to the Pakam community of Rumbek North encamped for grazing and water at Amak area (near the border between Yirol East and Yirol West). The clash resulted in five fatalities and an unknown number of injuries. After a pause during the night, fighting resumed this morning in Nyang area, in Yirol East. It is unclear if fighting will resume.

Periodic violence related to cattle theft and raiding in the area is common. Fighting between these particular communities began in January. The communities were separated by local authorities following the clashes and there has been no reported violence until 28 April.

INSO has recorded 28 incidents related to cattle theft or raiding in Yirol East and Yirol West since July 2018. Violence in Lakes State is often driven by competition for resources among herders and farmers.


Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 01:00
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