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INGO workers harassed by youth


On 15.9.2016. Juba. Two female expat INGO  staff members being threatened and harassed by a group of 5-6 youths  while walking back to their compound along the inner roads of Tamping at
around 17:20 hrs. According to reports, 5-6 youths (reportedly smelling of alcohol) armed with stones, sticks and knives threatened the two INGO workers for an unknown reason by charging at them and shouting at  them (in local language) in an aggressive manner. One of the staff
members attempted to de-escalate the situation with a minimum level of success. After a few minutes of tension, another local man arrived and attempted to calm down the aggressive men; as the situation unfolded, a group of boda boda drivers nearby started shouting aggressively for 

Sunday, September 18, 2016 - 22:45
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