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Gunmen shot on vehicle carrying passengers and traders


On 8.7.2017. Torit. A survivor who remains anonymous testifies that the incident happened in Kordillep Bridge, Radio Emmanuel reports. The gunmen started shooting the first car after the driver refuse to stop, and the passengers are forced to remove their clothes, she adds. She explains that the attackers had carried food ratio and commodities looted from the Traders. They allowed them to go and she run back towards Torit road and being helped by a Somalian Trader lifted her in a lorry, she cites.Hakim Paride Mamur Secretary General in the Union of Monyomiji asks the attackers not to use the current economic crisis to spoil their own environment. He condemns the attack and describes the incidence as unfortunate situation as he expresses sadness over targeted killings of women.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 04:15
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