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Gunmen rob vehicles on road between Juba and Kajo-Keji


Gunmen stopped a vehicle of an NGO and stole belongings of the passengers some of whom were teachers coming to Juba from Kajo-Keji. The incident occurred on Sunday at about 2:00 p.m.

The gunmen also looted two motorbikes just a shortly before they robbed the vehicle. The armed men removed clothes from passengers searching for money and mobile phones. Some of the passengers were also reportedly forced to carry stolen goods for the gunmen.

Last Sunday, gunmen also stopped three vehicles traveling from Kajo-Keji to Juba and stole their belongings at gunpoint, according to one of the travelers who was on board of one of the vehicles.

The incident curried on 18 October also in the afternoon a few kilometers away from Juba.

The robbers were 11 in number seven of whom were carrying guns. They stopped the vehicles, beat the passengers forcing them to lie down and close their eyes while they were stealing their money, mobile phones and other valuable belongings.

“They also stole two laptops from us,” one of the passengers said.

Last July four people were killed and 8 others wounded when gunmen attacked a vehicle traveling along the road from Kajo-Keji to Juba.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 01:30
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