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Gunman robs priest, nuns along Torit-Kapoeta road


A parish priest was among those robbed when a gunman stopped a vehicle traveling on the Torit-Kapoeta road Monday. The incident occurred at Lobira village, 12 kilometers from Torit town.The vehicle was also carrying two nuns, two catechists, a parish pastoral council chairperson and three Christian community leaders. The priest of Riwoto parish, Fr. Tim Galvin, said the gunman had stopped their vehicle at gunpoint. “It was one person who walked to the road with a gun, came towards me and told me to stop. I stopped the car and he told me to come out and I did. After, he told us to bring money. I went into the car, picked from my bag and brought it out,” Fr. Galvin narrated. He added, “He went to the other passengers, demanded some money then went into the car and took more money out of it”. The assailant, according to the priest, took 60, 000 SSP from him alone as well as unknown amounts of cash from the other eight passengers. The gunman took the passengers’ personal belongings, he added. Torit-Kapoeta road has, in the past six months, been relatively calm. In September 2017, the priest of Isoke Parish and a nun lost electronic equipment and luggage after a similar attack on the same route.


Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 02:15
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