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Armed group blocked humanitarian agencies from delivering services


On 2.8.2016. EZO. An armed group of youth has continued to block humanitarian agencies from delivering aid to the area, says the Commissioner of Ezo. Mr. Luciano Bakinde said roads leading to the county have been blocked for a month now leaving residents in dire need of assistance. He said Ezo has now run out of vital medicine, especially Anti-Retroviral drugs for HIV and AIDS patients. “As per now, the drugs for HIV/AIDS is completely finished in Ezo, and Ezo as you might know is [one of the] the main centres in South Sudan for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and other original drugs, and yet, there are no drugs now in Ezo,” Mr. Bakinde said, calling upon the youth group to allow unhindered access to the aid agencies

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 05:15
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