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Armed clashes left 34 dead and several others wounded


 On 28.10.2016. Magwi. SPLA soldiers, in two military trucks and one tank went after gunmen they believe to be SPLA-IO soldiers in the perimeters of Moli-Andru, Pageri Payam, Magwi County. The soldiers fell in ambush and after sustaining fierce gunfight they had to abort their mission and returned to their bases. According to unnamed man, a representative of SPL-IO fighters in the area, who spoke to SSLN, 34 of the government soldiers were killed. Several were wounded and evacuated to hospital in Juba. One SPLA-IO fighters was wounded. Moli-Andru, which of recent has seen several attacks from government troops, who also burned down civilian houses, is home to Emilio Igga, the commissioner of Pageri County, within Kiir’s proposed Imatong state.

Friday, November 4, 2016 - 09:30
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