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2 people were killed after a clash in community


On 16.10.2016. RUMBEK.The bodies were identified to be from Ajiak section and the attackers said to have escaped towards South West of Rumbek. In July and August this year, the three rival communities of Rup, Kuei and Pakam reached an agreement during a peace initiative facilitated by the UNMISS, VISTAS and diaspora Youth in Western Lakes State. The killing of the two has been condemned by the chiefs of Rup community and has urged the youth not to resume hostilities between the three communities of Kuei, Pakam and Rup.One of the Gelwong youth; Maker Dhieu condemned the attackers and urged the Kuei section to observe the peace and reconciliation initiative agreed upon early this month. Dhieu also urged the section of Nyang to embrace peace with their neighbors the Rup community

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 04:45
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